the Afreeist Way

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    Afreeism, the understanding that free will is an illusion, is a concept so powerful that it profoundly transforms the way we see the world. Its origins date back over two millennia, yet it is substantiated by modern scientific discoveries. By embracing afreeism, we can learn . . .

    • To live without guilt, regret, remorse . . . and to live more joyfully.

    • To judge others less, opening ourselves to greater acceptance and understanding.

    • To live in the moment, shedding the baggage of the past and the worries for the future.

    • To work toward a more just world, knowing that our actions matter.

    Afreeism requires no leaps of faith. Professor Marks lays out the philosophical history and scientific underpinnings of afreeism while exploring the startling implications for those who embrace it.